When we talk about memories, we usually mean something that applies directly to us. But if we look at it in a different way, we can speak of a so-called "collective memory", which is about something that a particular community has made a decision to remember. According to Böm's "icon turn" concept, tracing from the 1930-s everything is an imprint, a reflection. But the personal image that develops in human memory is always involuntary, as it is positioned in the context of life surrounding it and has a copmlicated inner structure. Collective image, on the other hand, or the memory of ether, is voluntary, simplified and only has superficial logic because it is a product of mass media that is working daily to sustain the necessary image that is being consumed by the society in a shape of some perception of reality or events.

Throughout 2014 on 8 large news-related Russian channels the duration of news-related and analitical programms has increased by 1024 hours, and the average rate of a TV-session regarding such shows has reached 4 hours 20 minutes - the highest estimated rate in history in Russia.

(The Art of Cinematography. 2015. №4. P. 28-30.)
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